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Kindness at the Pharmacy

Recently, still with COVID-19 affecting South Africa tremendously, Cleopatra Suzaan Smith, a student, was at the pharmacy wondering why the queue isn't moving, until she stepped to the front to find out that the cashier was counting lots of coins, and telling an elderly man that he still needs a R60 to be able to afford the medicine.

The woman took out a R20 and gave it to the man. He thanked her, but the cashier told the man that he is still short of R40. According to Cleopatra the disappointment on the old man's face convinced her that he needed that medication, and again, she took R40 out. She went on to explain that he couldn't stop thanking her and showering her with countless blessings. Cleopatra is a student and shee did not have enough money for her own things as she is a student, but she explains that she told herself that she might be saving someone's life.

Seeing how Lockdown has made people more aware of each other, this story brings hope in showing how a little act of kindness can truly change someone's life.

Source: #ImStaying, Facebook, posted by Cleopatra Suzaan Smith

Consent: Via Facebook direct message conversation

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