One of my friends from my hostel, Michelle, told me that her grandparents went to her grandfather’s brother’s auction, who died earlier this year. This was the first auction they have ever been to. Her grandmother really liked a glass vase set, but there was another lady who really wanted them too. Her grandmother told a guy next to her: “Sir, I really like those vases and I am not sure how to bid in this auction. Would you care to help me please?” He decided to help her. The other woman chased the price of the vases up to R900, which is quite expensive for two vases.

A while later her grandmother felt something fidget in her pocket, but she was really upset the day and she tried to keep her tears back, so she thought nothing of the fidget. Later when she felt in her pocket she pulled out R900. The man who decided to help her bid on vases bought them for her. He told her that he did it for her to remember him.

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