Right before lockdown we had to dismiss our housekeeper as there was a few issues such as things going missing and strange behavior from her side. My grandmother however has a back problem and is not able to clean the house, make food and do everything anymore, as she can only stand and walk short distances.

Recently a friend told us about her housekeeper, who has been working for her, and she spoke about how happy she was with her work. She also mentioned that this lady had to stop working for 2 of the 3 households she worked for during lockdown because these 2 families couldn't afford it anymore. Right now, she said, the housekeeper only works for her and does a great job in spite of having no other form of income. My grandparents then decided it is ideal to hire this housekeeper, as she is loyal and needs a job desperately and we need someone to do the work my grandmother can't. We hired her and she was so grateful, and is still working here.

Kindness, Western Cape

R.C. 31729142

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