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Erica Inches, Cape Town

A new sproutling happened yesterday. Food growers created a Whatsapp group CTT Food Growers Initiative.. this is what it is about:

*Summary of the birthing day*
Good morning Growers. This group created from the desire to see communities self organising and becoming food secure by growing their own food by Cape Town Together(CTT).

🐞Food sovereignty is a cornerstone to stepping out of poverty. As per group description, to aim for food soveignty.

🐞 With a *vision* of City wide food forests and community gardens and urban agriculture in every available space.

🐞This community is open source and of the commons. To join all the dots (already existing amazing organisations and people who wish to participate), to collaborate and co-create

🐞Free sharing of knowledge and resources in order to encourage everyone to grow some food and to assist with creation and support of community food gardens. (grow your own money)

🐞Run on same principles as CANs (which is permaculure and gifting community in action).

🐞 SA food sovereignty campaign inception document shared (do we create our own?),

🐞 different existing mapping options shared,

🐞 co-Create has started example of community challenge to pull up the concrete and plant food (great idea to replicate in different areas),

🐞 Please would everyone commenting sign off with name and who representing if applicable.

🐞 call out: community food gardeners to share lessons learned please

🐞 request to run virtual workshop on soil regeneration. Abalimi bezekhaya put up their hand. Please post details of session on the group.

🐞 contact details and requirement for applying for govt land to use for community gardens posted

🐞 your participation creates the reality you want to see.

Thank you for caring and sharing.

Please contact your local CAN admin for more information and details to join the group.

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